3d Modeling And Texturing Demo Reel – Ksenia Kozhevnikova.


A creature texturing and modeling piece done for my Think Tank Training Centre demo reel 2019. This dinosaur is an original concept inspired by T-Rex and allosaurus. It was amazing to receive so much support from Think Tank staff and fellow students. I would like to specifically thank my mentor, Javi Blanco. Without his teaching and feedback along the way, I am not sure I would have gotten even half the dinosaur done. Big thank you to Scott Thompson and Joe Bullock, the heads of Think Tank Training Centre.

I would like to thank texturing xyz and surface mimic for the amazingly detailed reptile and bird scans used in the process of creating textures for the dinosaur. I also used the awesome RD-textures scanned textures – a mix of forest floors and rock texture for the pedestal.

  • June 2019