• Concept art for the scene
  • Final 3D Render
  • It all starts with breaking down the concept for the character
  • For props as well
  • Modelling and sculpting the character in Maya and ZBrush
  • Hard-surface modelling in Maya for the sword
  • Unwrapping UVs for texturing....
  • Creating textures in Mari
  • Lighting the scene...
  • and finally posing the character
  • And rendering! Hope you enjoyed this project
  • Little Dragonslayer.

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    This huntress is on the prowl in her natural habitat. Poor dragon is too scared to even breathe.

    Inspired by How to Train Your Dragon and The Good Dinosaur. This is my 1st semester project of 3D school. Concept is done by me. The main goal behind this piece was learning the workflow between Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, Mari and VRay. Let me guide you through the pipeline down below.

    • April 2018